Painting and Decorating Apprenticeship

How to Get a Painting and Decorating Apprenticeship  apprenticeships

Several colleges offer intermediate painting and decorating apprenticeships program for the people already employed as an apprentice with some painting and decorating company. They have to attend the college only for one day a week and rest of the four days they can work with their employer. In this way they earn work experience along with improving their qualification.

What they learn?

The course of apprenticeship in painting and decorating includes various types of techniques to help them in becoming a successful painter and decorator. These techniques may include preparing the surface by using primer, types of paints, methods of application of paints, application of different finishes, hanging wallpaper on various types of surfaces and use of ladders, scaffolds or steps to access their painting and decoration work. Along with learning the use of specifications and drawings they also learn communication skills and the procedures involved at the work site.

Eligibility requirement

All the programs for apprenticeship in painting and decorating initially require the assessment of employment in the industry and interview. You must have grade D or above including maths and English in 4 GCSE exams to be a level 2 painter and decorator. For level 3 you will have to have A grade in 5 GCSEs along with C grade in maths and English along with Level 2 qualification.

Ways of learning

The students are taught in a workshop built purposely for the course of apprenticeship in painting and decorating. They allow to learn all the aspects of the course practically on the walls, ceiling, windows, chimney breasts, door casings and skirting of these workshops in a classroom like environment.

Ways of assessment

The candidates are assessed on the basis of their profile of evidence, performance in class tests and practical demonstrations along with multiple choice tests.

Thus after becoming a certified painting and decorating apprenticeships you can get job in any painting and decorating business at higher position.